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Genital Surgery

Genital Surgery in Delhi Ncr


Generally speaking vaginoplasty is the modification of the female vagina. The most frequent procedure is the narrowing of the vaginal opening. This specific narrowing of the vagina can lead to it becoming more firm. The goal of this surgical procedure is to provide the patient with a better sex life.
This surgery is usually performed in middle-aged women who have given birth. The vagina and vaginal opening has loosened because of the birthing process and increasing age.


Labia minora

This term refers to the surgical modification of the inner and outer lips of a woman’s vagina.
The labia minora in women often protrudes between the labia majora and may reach an unbelievable size. The goal of this surgery is to reduce the protruding inner lips.
The surgery is not especially difficult; it can be performed under local anesthesia, Absorbable material is used for the sutures and sexual intercourse is not recommended for about one month.


Labia majora

Atrophic labia majora is when the fat tissue and elasticity have been reduced over time and therefore the labia loses its fullness.

There are several solutions:

  • Filling of the labia with a person’s own fat. This procedure usually must be repeated because your own fat can be quickly absorbed; usually due to frequent sexual intercourse.
  • Another method is the skin reduction of the labia majora. Here, the incision is usually made in the inner side of the labia minora.
  • A combination of both methods.

Hymenoplasty – Hymen reconstruction surgery

There are several methods, although it is impossible to fully reconstruct the real hymen. The only goal of this surgery is bleeding during sexual intercourse so the man believes he was the first man for his partner.

Male Genital Surgery

Penis Enlargement

Extension and Size enhancement of penis are commonly requested and can be executed by filling fat from one’s own body or by slightly separating the root of the penis.


Total (complete) removal of the penis’ foreskin; the foreskin is removed to the extent that the glans penis is uncovered. Common reasons for this surgery include:

  • ritual – religious
  • medical – the need for a circumsion for medical reasons is rare