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Chin augmentation

Chin Augmentation in Delhi Ncr

Chin augmentation is surgery to reshape or enhance the size of the chin. It may be done either by inserting an implant or by moving or reshaping bones.
Surgery may be performed in the surgeon’s office, a hospital, or an outpatient clinic.You will have x-rays taken of your face and chin. The surgeon will use these x-rays to find out what part of the chin to operate on.When you need only an implant to round out the chin:

  • You may be under¬†general anesthesia(asleep and pain-free). Or, you may get medicine to numb the area, along with a medicine that will make you relaxed and sleepy.
  • A cut is made, either inside the mouth or outside under the chin. A pocket is created in front of the chin bone and under the muscles. The implant is placed inside.

Surgery to correct bite problems can be done at the same time as chin surgery.

Chin augmentation

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